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    [Goggles] JEFF Safety Goggle

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    Material Frame : Non-Toxic PVC
    Lens : Polycarbonate
    Band : Polyester
    Size Frame Wid th : >160mm
    Fram e Length : >75mm
    Frame Height : >50mm
    Band Length : >35mm
    UV protection >99.9% for UVA/UVB
    Lens Coating Anti-Scratch Coating
    Anti-Fog Coating
    Lens Color Clear
    Lens Transmittance 92%
    Certificate Compliant with
    - KCs (Safety Certification of KOSHA) No : 20-AV1GM-0005
    1. Field of Vision Test  (Up to 22mm of verticality, horizontality)
    2. Corrosion Resistance
    3. Reflective Power Test (±0.06m-1 )
    4. Impact Resistance
    5. Transmittance Test (Up to 89%)
    6. Ignitability Test
    7. Structure and Surface (Visual Test)
    • 99.9% UVA/UVB Protection With Distortion Free Clarity
    • Anti-Scratch Coating and Anti-Fog Coating
    • Hermetically sealed type goggle can be blocked harmful
      substance from outside